the world's fastest clapper


Kent French- a Geniuine guy, excellent husband, and fantastic father- has developed his own technique for clapping.  He combined his unique style with amazing agility and endurance to set the world's record for the most claps in one minute--an astonishing 721 times in 60 seconds! That's a rate of 12 claps per second.

Kent plans on breaking his record in the spring of '09.



"As a musician," the Clap Meister stated, "I appreciate the tonal and rhythmic sounds of everyday things.  During one of my household item jam sessions, I figured out that the mechanics of clapping were oddly inefficient, because the one hand basically remains stationary while the other does all the work.  So I began experiementing with various ways to clap and eventually perfected my 'x-treme clapping' technique."



Kent can 'speed clap' over 14 claps per second, but for longer periods, such as a minute, he averages 12-13 claps per second.  A warm-up period of an hour seems to help him most reach optimum speed. It is a painful experience to clap at this rate for an entire minute. Having the endurance is just as important as having fast hands. This talent has taken "toast" around the globe. He has been to Tokyo 3 times, Scotland and England. He was scheduled to go to Spain in January '09 and he would have gone to the Netherlands in September '08 but he got hit by a truck in August. I am now back up to speed, thankfully!!  

x-treme clapping